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No Forever
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)

No Forever

I wish it were only the physical that held us together
But I know it is not so
There is a connection, an understanding
Our souls seem to speak a language all their own

Our hearts have their own minds
Completely apart from anything else
How can this be
Why did we have to meet

Why did we have to know of each other
I was happy without you, not knowing you existed
Now, knowing what I have, and what I will lose
How will I continue

I will take what I can and hold on
I will live as if each day is the last
I will enjoy each moment and let
Tomorrow take care of itself

I will love and be loved
I will enjoy what will not last
And always treasure the memories

I will not live a life of regret
I will seize this opportunity
And not think of tomorrow

I will live for this moment
This love, this passion
I will abandon myself to loving you
To giving and receiving
To being one with you for the time we have

And when this is over
I will not regret a single moment
I will treasure the memories we are creating
And wish you happiness, love, joy and passion

And perhaps, if it is meant to be,
We will get this opportunity again
And if not, perhaps fate will smile again on me

But this I know
For now, I love and will enjoy you
And not regret a single moment

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