No Genuine Love

Eyes that seek your soul
So speaks the heart
Offering you his love and his all
Leaving you breathless from the start.

Warms that enfold you
Comforting you when you’re blue
Letting you know his love and devotion grow
Staying with you from tomorrow to tomorrow.

He will just have to hold your hand
Bring you to his wonderland
Call your name with his sweetest voice
For your stupid heart to rejoice.

With his lips truly alluring
Pledging to give you everything
And his smile so captivating
Makes you utterly fool in loving.

His love he will always aver
From his tongue sweetest words will be spoken
To love you now and forever
But a promise made to be broken.

There’s no way you can have
Such an elusive genuine love
For truth can’t be found in the words he’ll say
But mere lies that make sweet things decay.

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