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No Goodbyes
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

No Goodbyes

You broke my heart without telling me goodbye
You left me all alone wondering why
I put a year of my heart into a relationship that was not truly mine
At first I was upset, but now I'm fine
No need for me to cry because I know their somebody out there for me
So as of right now I'ma let it be
You told me your not like the other guys I been with because you will never hurt me or let me feel deceive
At least they were man enough to tell me they wanted to leave
Yeah I admit I treated you wrong in the past
I would never thought you would do the same to me and kick me in my ass
Yeah I never really say I truly been in love with you until you left me in the dust
Now that your gone my heart has no more trust
I only can feel what I once had
When I was with you I felt loved and never sad
You left us unfinished now I must put this relationship to an end
So for now its Goodbye my friend

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