No Greater Feeling

There is no greater feeling that compares
To waking up to see your beautiful face
The hidden smiles and innocence as you sleep
The joy and love in your heart as you dream
The beauty of all the places you wish for us to be
The fun I derive from raking your black hair

Sometimes I wonder about all the thoughts
That accompanies the beats of your heart
I wish I could live momentarily in your soul
Be one with you, breathe you in like fresh air
Sleep like an innocent baby like you always do
While my heart thumps as though it has a lump

There is no greater feeling that will measure
With the way you curl up in my strong arms
Sometimes shivering convulsively with no words
Sometimes asking for my lips to descend yours
Sometimes begging for my hands on your breasts
No greater feeling surpasses this earthly heaven

Sometimes, I wonder if we could be molded
Like statues stuck, unobservant of each minute
I wish I could seep through your veins as blood
Be an admixture, inseparable with your body fluids
Run through one course straight to your heart
While my heart rages like fire with intense desire

Baby, no greater feeling drives me extremely wild
With you, a grown man could turn into a child
Baby, no greater feeling breaks down my defenses
With you, a wise man could lose all of his senses
Baby, no greater feeling could weaken all my cells
With you, every men would come out of their shells

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