Call Me A Sinner

I am neither a saint nor a sinner
but a lover, your beastly lover;
hungry to taste your flesh
thirsty to drink your honey
and inebriated to dream your voice-
laughing, crying, moaning and gasping.

I am none but a man, your only man.
I am nothing but a thirsty soul-
thirsty to drink you until your last drop.
I am no existence but an existence only in your existence.

O my love, what is more beautiful
than to think- my every cell made of your flesh
my every drop made of your honey
my every moment made of your smile
my every dream made of your moan?

What is more dreamy than dream of
you- swaying your hips with beat of my heart
sun-bathing your fruits in garden of my heart
singing ecstasy of your desire in temple of my soul?

What is more enlightening than
you dissolve in I, and I dissolve in you
in moment of every waking, sleeping and dreaming?

Forgive me if I am not a saint;
I am just a lover- a wild, ferocious, beastly lover.
To you, if that is sin; then call me a sinner.

by Arun Maji

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