No Hope Goes Away Hopeless

No hope one has goes away hopeless.
If determination remains,
On a daily basis focused.
To wear it and stroke,
Like some do their furry mink coats.
Or luxurized by many less fortunate.
As if bestowed to prize,
A gift to get to associate as part of life.
And not to depend on hope to use,
Can become a jokeless, worthless and a purposeless...
Way to survive.
And life to live as one's enterprise,
Cannot stay alive to thrive without hope.

No hope one has should suddenly leave.
Unless one's portrayal of faith imitates,
A momentary affair with an escapade.
In a dreamlike state of mind to find it fades.
And hope with faith,
No one should consider this a charitable giving.
With a doing done to just donate.

Hope with faith and prayer that remains,
Intact and practiced will always deliver.
To dry up eyes and stop one's weeping.
Kept to keep like a promise one receives.

No hope goes away to stay that way.
If one remains focused to know this.
To eventually notice it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Lawrence, such an inspiring write👍👍👍