DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

No I Don’t Mind Being On My Own

By the roadway, it’s a lonely place
And it’s where I seemed to lose my feet
In the distance, sits a town on a hill
But the sun keeps coming up and going down
I can’t touch what I cannot feel

I thinking I'm in need, something
No one can give, where I'm standing
It’s all just the same at the end of the day,
Rusty footsteps trail my ground below where
The sun keeps coming up and going down

So I'm walking down the roadway,
I'm heading for town trying to find a

But life is automatic, and no;
I don’t believe in magic
I can do this on my own,
Just a little more time, and
A home I shall find
And all this weight will remain
On that roadway
Back behind me

But so it’s known, I say to us all,
I don’t mind being on my own,

No I don’t mind being on my own

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A very deep thought, one which I would think I should spend more time reading as your writing is layered beautifully. I love it! Aren't most poets loners?