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'No, I'M Not Tired Yet'

Oh yeah, another day and not quite another dollar,
Like Mr. White on Superman, if I’m late the boss will holler,
Why does working eight hours a shift feel more like ten?
Running for her and typing for him, when will it all end?

Good, the commute home from work,
Bad, a seat unavailable on the train,
Again, I have to stand up for the long ride home,
Worse, breaking a heel running while in the rain.

T.G.I.F. and for the weekend I will be home,
It is my choice to hang with others or be alone,
Isaiah 40: 31 states, “The Lord will renew their strength, ”
Praying it comes when the landlord talks about the rent.

Thank goodness, I've been working with Jesus a long time,
My hard day’s work seems to be like a never-ending climb,
PTL, Sunday is just around the corner where the stage is set,
For the Brotherhood choir to sing, 'No, I'm Not Tired Yet! ”

What If Christ Jesus decided not to drink His cup?
There’s too much doubting & I’m tired, Father call me up,
Why do we always look for excuses so that we can quit?
Could you have gone through what Jesus did, even a little bit?

Sooner or later there’s an adversity we all will have to face,
On the job, at home, in school, wherever, work or play,
Trials & tribulations are not set conveniently at your pace,
Remember how our Lord & Savoir hung His head to pray?

The Ten Commandments are not allowed in Government spaces,
Open prayer is no longer welcomed in Public Schools or places,
Music today is filled with hate and so freely the artists will cuss,
However, on every monetary amount you’ll find “In God We Trust.”

Think you’ve got problems just turn your head around & look,
Better still, read all the insults and physical abuse Jesus took,
Thankfully I’m not a gambler but safe to say it’s a sure bet,
Whatever’s set before me my motto is, “No, I’m Not Tired Yet! ”

w/Jeff Ricky Cheeks

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