Spiritual Journey

On the surface shore lay her head
As a person gone in a trance
To get messages to us from our God.
The revelation of which we need not to trace.

In cause of which the cerebrum is gone from the reality of life,
This our law known as being of unsound mind.
Things done are to reveal the past and the future.
The substance of our heart told us she has gone a million miles between death and life,

Through this nature express his mind to the creature.
Days of feeding we dare not fathom,
As pipe goes below the earth for spiritual feeding,
While our minds puzzle on the reality of the ascension to the spiritual journey.

Could there be any reality on the ascension to the spiritual journey?
This our faculty can't tell except we are made spiritual being.
The trust of her messages have been laid in doubt,
Cos olugbohun, ajagbohun and putting on the dog eyes give the might.

Not even can we argue her ascension with a natural mind.
Despite this there are many whose reality of ascension can't be question.
Remembrance of the teaching of the Messiah hits my heart
That leave them to grow together and at the harvest time there will be separation.

©Olorode Olorunleke Samuel.

by Olorode Olorunleke

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very Good Tyler old man, , , , good oner dave
Riding the storm clouds, sliding down lightining bolts, collecting stars like daisies.... WONDERFUL how clever! Patricia