No Increase Of Generation For Five Years

God gave us all ingredients of life, free
Air, fire, soil, water for us, alive to be!
Alas! We abuse such and causing pollution
We are reasons for our own destruction!

Evil thoughts are getting in heads to control!
Excessive, unnecessary parade and roll call!
Side effects are everywhere, too severe!
World became so chaotic with pain of cancer! !

Hungry people increased the size of population!
Overweight is sinking our earth in every season!
All newer productions are adding up with the weight!
Stop productions for some years for her to tolerate! !

Why can't we cool down and live very simple?
Still we have the chance to avoid going to hell!
Perhaps, overweight shook up tectonic plates!
Earthquake, volcano took dinosaurs to death gates! !

What is a religion? A religion is to hang on!
It is to be within the boundary and limitation!
Needing motivation to stop producing weapon!
Within 5 years of early marriage, no generation! !

by Chan Mongol

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A Save The Earth poem...warmly expressed. A highest 10 for this.