No Intentions Of Reliving Stale Memories

You are falling to pieces,
And you expect me to patiently
Put you back together,
With an application of smothering love.
And empathy too?
To see you mend and ignore me like you do?

I think this is one too many falling to pieces,
That you've done.
To have me feel how reliable and redundant,
Your expectations.

You'll find the glue in the attic.
Attaching together artifacts of my past.
I doubt if there is anymore left of that.
Whatever is left you can grab it.

I have no intentions of reliving stale memories.
I do,
Have some tape to patch up your wounds,
That you are welcome to use.
I'll gladly sit with you until you are finished.
And when you are done.
Leaving will be the best gift that will be of benefit,
To us both.

Thank you for hardening my crust.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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