No Interest In The Dressing Of Windows

Many are seeking assistance,
To create their version of diversity.
Unfortunately those qualified,
Were told these acts were too militant...
To be identified with a progressive,
And mixed society.
A control obtained must remain sustained.

But that was before diversity,
Was discovered to be healthy mentally.
And all people 'then' were forced fed,
To accept...
A diet on proper etiquette and values...
Now discovered to have had no benefit.

Especially outspoken representatives...
For those wishing to keep their cultures,
More real and effective with less pretentiousness.

Many are seeking an assistance still,
To create their version of diversity.
To sell as the will of the people.
To accept, perceive and believe.

And yet...
Unfortunately those qualified,
Have no interest in the dressing of windows...
To keep up appearances and delusions fed.
As those come prepared to critique,
After being picked to have expertise...
With their outdated standards used repeatedly.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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