No Interruptions

This is the deal:
You will either be trapped in madness...
Or you will be released to express bitterness!
This is your option:
Free yourself immediately,
From delusions of all kinds.
With one objective:
Realize nothing done and accepted,
Did not happen without your acknowledgement!

And if you have any claims of not knowing anything...
#1...your madness personalized will have company.
Know it and try not to outdo your hysterics!
#2...your released bitterness expressed...
Although a little late showing the outraged,
Will subside!

Either way...
You are not going to be alone!
Whatever the experience chosen,
Has been condoned.
Those denials you doubted and put on trial?
Have now become realities flourished.
Encouraged by the nourishing...
Of your acceptance of disbelief!

Those disbeliefs were never fantasized.
They were there but you shifted your eyes aside.
And there is nothing about them now,
That should be misunderstood.
Since you have paid the price...
Determining to keep your beliefs unchanged!
Holding onto a way of life as best as you could!

And everyone,
That you witnessed who kept reality shunned...
And now find themselves purchasing guns,
To protect themselves from an ignorance done...
To themselves and loved ones,
Go down the drain!

With those values and standards,
Historically 'said' to have been maintained!
Contained within pretentions insisted.
And you know they were yours to inflict!
With every rewriting done to it!

However and forevermore...
There is one thing comforting in all of this!
At least you have proven,
Your way to totally self destruct...
Has had no interruptions!
And comes at a time when self obsession,
Has been replaced with self examination!
At the expense...
Of your self indulging wasted existence!
And this, of course...
Your technology and experience,
Has without secret kept endorsed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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