No Is My Answer

I was always taught

to just say no

I say it when I need to

I say it with all seriousness

He tried to get me to be with him

just for one night

he kissed me and touched me

he wanted to be with me all over

I told him enough is enough

he wanted to go further

I told him no this isn't right

he told me how he wanted me more

I told him no again

he told me that this is what I wanted

I told him no this is not what I want

he continued to try to sleep with me

and again I said no

No was my answer, and always will be my answer

I don't want to be with him

I'm not even attracted to him

I hope he finally realizes that 'no' is the answer

and I am ready to risk losing our friendship

if he does not take me seriously

by Mowie DeCorp

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