No, It's Not

No, it's not...
O, no, and no, it's not
I don't destroy
The blooms
And often thought about how it function
The age and all it's work
Soon, the ice will melt, the mountain ranges
Will return, the flowers, raise, unto their purpose
Days, the pages forgotten
Before you know it
Time is strained unto a waste of betrothment
Although, embracing this topic, I don't evoke a certain
Known to go, my own abode
Electric, poetically
Overdosing, on the hope I know to be the Most High
I don't for show or such, want to keep the wholeness
Close by
But so much in-between, any way, I go, I know my, alignment, centered
On the Light, and what I'm striving to find
I've so much evidence, that's relevant
So miners are trying, to find the devil in, he never did
Live withinside, there's more development
But, I ain't dwelling that, things are changing
Just want the settling back, it's well perhaps
I'm never degrading...
Not even seldom
Attacking, like a pack of nothing else
It's double love and peace, I need, and not deceitful
Just honest scales and a humble king
No, it's not that falsehood
Oh, no, oh no,
It's not, no, no, no, it's not
Oh, no
Don't be deceived

by Dexsta Ray

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