(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

No! Keep It

Why are you smiling so broadly?
It is clear you have been prevented,
From achieving your wishes and desires.

Gee, I didn't know that.
And which wishes and desires,
Am I being prevented to achieve? '

I uh
Only you would know that.
Maybe those who are trying to prevent you,
Know that too.

'You might have a point.
Who are they? '

The ones preventing you from achieving!
You know
Your wishes and desires.

Maybe I shouldn't smile so broadly,
To have anyone detect
My wishes and desires have already been met.'

Keep it.
Let them believe you are crazed.
They think it anyway.
But lose that skipping down the street business.
That will really throw them off.

Maybe you have a point.
Maybe I'll go back to my arrogant strut and swagger.
You know
The one they associate with pretentiousness? '

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