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No Light Comes.

No light ever comes from naught,
Light surges from darkness fought.
No true hope comes from nowhere,
Hope is sun to darkened despair.
Peace is love spread over the world,
Love and peace are one in one words.
No just cause can ever be won
With foe injustice not yet done.
Brotherhood of men is no small thing
An ideal ever sought, ever fleeting.
Happiness can be at the corner's bend
For whom life's small gifts are God send.

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Nice poem about love, peace. All the most sweet words meet in one word because they are from one God. Thank you Si Driss for sharing.
Peace is love spread over the world! Nice piece of work.
well the poem is written wonderfully and it does have an indirect relevancy with the topic... however.. it has some literary techniques like rhyming and such others...
Well it is beautifully composed.. the poem has an indirect relevancy to the topic.. great!
Some useful stuff more for the mind than the heart. Thanks for sharing.