No Longer An Issue

It is not always a truth told,
That is despised.
Often it is how it is told.
And the one bold enough,
To tell it like it is.
Those who deceive,
With this done outrageously...
Eventually sells,
Lies to be sold.
To have it finally realized,
Their deceptions were used...
For purposes to distract,
Hidden intentions...
To have delusions wished kept,
Replaced by truth and facts...
No one would accept.
And find themselves protesting,
How they were tricked.
To disbelieve...
They had been deceived.

'He said to us many things,
To have us believe it.
Then after we selected,
Him to represent us...
He does the opposite.
We've been duped.'

-Not necessarily.
The other one said,
Exactly the same thing.
Remember? -

I was not impressed,
With the presentation.
Or the way he...'

-Go ahead.
Say it.-

People who don't look like us,
I have a problem trusting.'

-And now...
That's no longer your issue.
Is it? -

'I just wish people,
Were more honest.'

-Which ones? -

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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