No Longer Anywhere Near

Down by the hop-along Cadillacs of my
Sad memories,
Bivouacked in the junkyard of the lonely
The house and the dogs burned away,
Emolliated in sacrifice
To the goddess who flashed like phosphorous
Across the canal:
My wife- like a kite of flame- Didn’t she
Know that was the wrong way to the mall-
The donkeys galloped first under
And then over- neath the moon:
The conquistadors asked then how they could
Do that- but sunken as they were
Up to their chins in the blue nests of
Dunes- how could they see:
Like cenotaphs praying to the waves,
I realized that I was amongst them-
The heavens unwrapped new holidays in the air,
And the stars shed their skins- maybe they
Were making believe,
But my heart was stolen- in its place a shadow play
Of puppets,
She was no longer anywhere near to see.

by Robert Rorabeck

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