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No Longer Around
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

No Longer Around

Poem By Danny Speicher

Here's a toast to all whom I love
Thank you for all that you've done
I don't know if I'd had made it to today
If all of those who I can think of were none
The happiness and the laughter
They will always, in my heart, remain
When the sun is shining brightly
Or when the dark clouds begin to rain
I'll remember all the memories
That we have diligently found
And when the sadness starts to come
I'll remember your joyful sounds
Sounds of talking and giggling
Sounds of your voices in my hear
And, I pray that you, too, will remember me
Just in case I am not always near
We've had some wonderful times together
In groups of simply two or many more
Times of love and care, sprinkled with tears
That's all I'm really living for
So, if one day you find me
No longer living here with you
And, you're striving to remember
What it was we used to do
Remember just one thing
To keep me fresh in your hearts
That I have loved you all
To the very end... From the very start

((December 31st,2000))

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