(January 01 / Earth?)

No Longer Confused

that I see
of heart, soul
mind, and journey
the one tree; of
radiant living
within your
glow, infuriates
my emptied hallows
creating eternity's
comforting and
As our one
shifts within the
awe of darkness, in
an ever drifting limitless
connection between two
bodies dreamily immersed
in the potential of beginning
an uncontrollable affect
an urge to not reject
anything within the
context of what, is
being grown…
in laughing
floating bliss
lost of the intense
brightness, amidst the
darkness; an incandescent
mysteriousness, mirroring
my likeness imaged within
you; unmoving molecules
innately swirling weightless
thoughts and solitudes twirling
in an un-separating calming
stillness amplified by both
me and you…
As snowflakes
gaze through an
impossible and undiscernible
perfection; your reflection fused
in an abstraction, of imagined
vision thoroughly diffused
within the essence of all
that is too be seen
showering this
completed portrait
one forever engraved
of what once was You
and so was, once Me
no longer confused

by Michael Walkerjohn

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