No Longer In Control

There were times
When I fell and believed no one cared
When troubles overcame me
And I felt so unprepared

Sometimes, I would try and try
But it wouldn't be enough
I just want to give up
Because life could be so tough

But you came in
And you lifted me up high
I was so overwhelmed by your love
That I started to cry

I know that I am loved
But sometimes I just don't realize it
Even when I thought I was alone
You were by my side, not ready to quit

You believe in me and you always have
Yet sometimes I push you away
You wait patiently for me all the time
Even after I was lead astray

Your love and your grace
Continue to humble me to my knees
Even when I think I'm alone
You've heard every single one of my pleas

You've brought me to the light
And helped me out of my hole
I'm giving my life up to you
I am no longer in control

by Samantha Williams

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