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No Longer Moved By The News
GC Glenn Cassidy ( / )

No Longer Moved By The News

I'm no longer moved by the news.
The protest chants of strident youth
the battle cries of long in tooth
expert pronouncements on environment and health
economists warnings for employment and wealth
murder, mayhem, crises, disaster
a heartwarming animal tale for after
oops no mention of the starving MILLIONS
whilst war in Iraq approaches the TRILLIONS

I'm not buying into the name.
My house is a home not a glossy magazine
my clothes have no label, I'm not part of a scene
I can cook and grow food in the ground
listen to music, create my own sound
I don't have to shout from the roof that I'm right
and tolerant enough that there's no need to fight
and, although this poem is a protest of sorts
I'm able to write and think my own thoughts

I'm equal you are different.
Though I'm peaceful I know I could kill
endanger my family I possibly will
if you've suffered misfortune, there's space on my floor
If your eyes say you're using I'll show you the door
Psychopath, molester, poor and the rich
angel and saint, wizard and witch
grower and dealer, straight and the queer
I've known them all, and the crosses they bear.

I'm not afraid of truth.
'Just telling the truth' is a game people play
to hurt, put down, or win their own way
deep in their heart they know its deception
and keep their honesty from their reflection
Its simple to be enlightened and true
just listen to the voice inside of you
so if indeed you pass this test
may you life be full and blessed

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