No Longer Mute

For years, I lived a lonely life,
chasing the shadows, and
lingering echoes of a past
I thought was fading away,
beyond my power to recall...

Where were the happiness and
laughter that we shared, until
God took here home to heaven,
whence loneliness and grief
left me both deaf and blind?

Thank God, I finally learned
that where there's shadow,
there must be light, and
where there's an echo,
there must be sound,

Now, I remember vividly again
the light that shone upon me
from her sweet, loving eyes,
the words she fondly whispered
into my eagerly waiting ears...

It's all still there, just waiting
to be recalled from memory, and
thank God, I am no longer mute,
so help me, God, to honor, love
and cherish her in my poetry!

by Willem VanVoorthuysen

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recalling lost memories are both beautiful and melancholy at the same time, but that's what makes it so amazing!