No Longer Prioritized To Delude

Too many have yet to notice,
The have been left behind and out of focus.
With their minds on pause and stuck in gone times.
To be done with fewer conscious ones,
Caring less what is or is not petty to upset.
Or who has been accused to feed confusion best.

Too many are finding their excuses made,
Has entrapped and caged them within limits.
With a 'fixed' restricting they have permitted.
And committed some are to share thoughtlessness.
From Sunrise to Sunset without it dawning...
To enlighten how useless this senselessness.

Too many are unaware they are at a stage that ages.
And wishing to remain to stay in youthful days faded.
Yet bemoan they do who amongst them is next,
To make an appearance on an obituary page...
As if this step of a life to live,
Is not a natural occurrence or a progression to expect.

Too precious are these days.
Too precious are the hours...
All are blessed to be given but many choose to waste.
Too precious is life to allow envy and bitterness,
To relive in some environments to do to entertain.
In which a recycling of events are done to maintain.

No longer prioritized to delude are the few,
Deciding to move on to live lives that include...
Only a sustaining to maintain a kept happiness.
And to do without regretting who has to be left behind.
With it known to them of time and how it is spent,
Will not find them the ones to welcome foolishness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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