No Longer Top Of The List

All of them the self-righteous types,
With ambtions to have status.
And socialize with whom they like.
These are the people who expect their lives,
Prioritized the moment...
A discomfort affects them by surprise.

And with 'means' to keep their flaws diminished,
While actively preventing...
Those with less the same benefits.
They now have to accept and come to realize,
No longer top of the list...
Are their wants and wishes prioritized.

'Why do 'we' have to go through this?
Isn't it understood who we are,
And who we know with influence?
We want our lives back like they were yesterday.
None of us could care less,
What a natural occurrence has from us taken away.

Why is it that we have to go through this?
We are better than that.
And we 'demand' what we had returned back to us,
Make it quick.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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