No Longer You, No Longer Me, No Longer Us, Are Meant To Be..

Memories haunt the sky
They are not yours, they are not mine
There is no us, we have lost that type of trust
We could not wed, we count not kiss
Because all we share now, is emptiness
We all are shattered, we have no hope
Our relationship died, when you beat my heart to a pulp
You killed my me, you stabbed your you
You destroyed our us, now please are you through?
You completely took, all that I once had
You took all, as if it wasn’t even there
As you see, you are the utmost burglar
That took all that were here
You took my heart
You took my dignity
You had me, begging on my knees
As you know what you did
You took my heart out plain
And I destroyed yours with no thought
I killed you, with no doubt
I ripped it from your chest, as you did mine
Well yours was a literal, as mine was a crime

by Nichole Hoehn

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