PT (Born 6th of August 1989 / Essex, England)

No Loss To Gain

No loss to gain
No sadness felt
Or rather its
Forgotten the pits
Of no one there
No friends to hear
The knife came close
To wrist so dear
Holding my own
To bullies that left me mown
Like the grass
And green too, with envy
Of social acceptance
Was kept an exception
But not a sigh or groan
Left these Lonely Lips

Year 8 was harder
The days, longer
Strength of will:
I found some people
Or rather they found me
Took away my misery
I was happy
Till I grew, and left them too
Not to moan and groan
But to accept the fact
To before I couldn't retract
To lonely days
Too far away to look back
Then Grease, and her
Like a class A drug
Fun at first...
You know the rest
She was a Class A thug
Texting a mug
'U R A Q T'
To lie is E Z

Emotions far from me
Don’t know what I like, love or hate
Pop the 'L' to pupil Dilate?
But no, another approach
You’re not a drug, or a thug
And no lies from you
No truth encroach
You wear your heart on sleeve like broach
You might have heard this song before
But I swear its true
I read you now the final score
Your Beautiful, you
And I’m happy, evermore

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Hi Patrick Again I believe you are very compassionate writer. Your very emotional. Your poems are interesting I love reading them take care.