No Love

Hopelessly searching for something
Anything that can fulfill the hole
The emptiness in my heart
That constantly obliges my madness
I searched everywhere for something
To complete some happiness in me
But, indeed, nothing worked
I was simply hurting myself over
And over, and over again
I tried the drinking for it’s always
So available every time one feels down
I would drink so much that
I wouldn’t even be able to sustain
Anything that I primarily swallowed that day
I was being cantankerous about
How men made me feel
How they hurt me so much
How much I didn’t want to deal with them

When I first got involved with man
I never thought I was going to be so deeply wounded
I never wanted to believe that
Most were liars and heartbreakers
The couple that wants to bring you happiness
Are most likely abusers and women beaters

Hopelessly searching for happiness
I stumbled unto love I almost believed
It was true but it only took away more joy
And left me with nearly nothing to cherish
Well nothing as happiness.


Sunday, November 20,2005

by MarieLove Brevil

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this is really good but 1 thing at the bottom u put sunday 2-20-06 its not sunday its monday lol but this is a realy good poem