No Love

Poem By Juanita Richardson

im so sick of all this confusion
and disallusion with love and men
its too much of an emotional rollercoaster
too many games being played
feeling like i will never win
my mind cant take it
my soul cant fake it
and i refuse to give my heart
cause i know all they are goin to do is just break it
i find myself trynna shake it
this feeling of loneliness
looking forward to a better tomorrow
without unmatched dreams
and empty promises
i cant keep givin
knowing no one acknowledges it
and though i use to believe in true love
right now it dont mean shit
people come into my life
only to make it harder
i know i could make theirs better
but now i feel like why even bother
i cant do this anymore
i cant stand being unsure
dont know how to leave love alone
why do i just keep coming back for more
what is love?
what does it mean?
maybe its not really what it seems
maybe it doesnt have to be
meant to be
maybe its just a mutual decision
maybe its not meant for me
im thinking its just me
cause i havent seen such a thing
as the love i am able to give
but have yet to recieve

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