A Lost Sailor

I always wished to be a sailor
to sail miles away in water
I sailed for long to markets
to sell clothes and handicrafts

Sometime it seems very bore
no fun and unknown sea shore
but what I have read in school
unable to find those exciting voyages and other colors of pool

I heard how a sailor dive in to deep blue
to save injured porpoise, first among the crew
I don't remember when I enjoyed the last bath
I didn't get a chance to touch ocean bed on a freezy path

The captain always shout to clean
the deck, the bob and rusted tin
I never saw him enjoying a smile
to his face looks like fox's smile]

Plenty of species what I saw in an acquarium
is hard to find in nature's museum
they cheated me and gave all secrets in my hand
they took away all the fun that I can had

Now I am young and can achieve big things
I don't know where to go to get these things
I will jump in to deep blue
may be I can find some clue

I don't want to die as a lost sailor
Agreed! I am a lost sailor
But I know their is TRUTH
waiting for me like a fruit

I have to dive in to the blue
to unravel the secrets that are still due
and I'll enjoy this like a swimmer
and it will be fantastic, just wonder!

come and swim to your goals
if you want to see the extent of poles
you need to dive in to the life's stature
other wise you'll miss this real nature

by Tarun Sharma

Comments (6)

Endless marvels of life and eternity. Congrats on modern poet of the Day.
The sound of your voice.... thanks for sharing....
This poem of love for one dear is poignant. However, there appears to be no love 'for the vile earth'.
a lovely sad poem of far better to have loved and lived than not loved at all? even though that love never died.
Inside me. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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