Saving Innocence

A flower that shined once wilts
With the passing time
From the time it was a seed,
The beauty remains so does the fragrance.
Save the innocence in your heart
As flowers do their beauty.
kid, adult or a withered old man,
No matter which phase you passed.
Save the innocence within your heart,
Because the innocence within
will feed your mind to keep the sanity alive.
As a fawn reflects in his eyes,
From the prime of time
If valour and heroic did wonders
So did love and act of kindness.
As night goes and comes the morning
So does hatred can be ceased and love can blossom.
Keep the sanity alive,
and save the innocence within your heart.

by Hemendra Singh Deopa

Comments (6)

Endless marvels of life and eternity. Congrats on modern poet of the Day.
The sound of your voice.... thanks for sharing....
This poem of love for one dear is poignant. However, there appears to be no love 'for the vile earth'.
a lovely sad poem of far better to have loved and lived than not loved at all? even though that love never died.
Inside me. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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