WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

No Love Lost

There's no Love Lost between us
It's there for all to see.

You like you're coffee
while I like my tea.

They say opposites attract
Well, that's not strictly true.

Truth of the matter
I've had enough of you.

Telling me what to do
What to think.

I used to love you once
Now I'm married to the:

and the
and the
Washing machine.

Cooking and cleaning
No excitement in-between.

I'm a ready-made skivvy
and that's certainly true.

My love for you now
is long since through.

I'm divorcing you baby
Yet you want me to stay.

Can't you see
you're not getting you're
own way?

This time I'm of
one frame of mind.

A man on a mission
This time I won't be blind
to you're whims and you're
I'm leaving today.

Goodbye baby
This time I've had

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