No Luck With The Woman

I no have the luck with the woman.
I meet girl and we go expensive restaruant.
It go good. I pay bill.

She ask if I like one night stand.
I say 'no thanks you', and she get all mad and stomp away.
Next time I no date the furniture sales person.

For next date, nice young lady. We have great time in Movie show. I make first move. I kiss her. She happy, and start licking my neck and arms. Eager to help, I jump out of seat and buy her Gatorade. She look angry and leave in middle of show.
Lesson number two: Don't date girl with mineral deficiency.

I am great Russian Lover. I tell myself.
Soon I will get lucky.
Tomorrow is new day.

by simon elf

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That's great poem man. it brought a smile to my face and I would like to thank you for it.