JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

No Man Is An Island

let me tell you no man is an island
the moon is full tonight and
the asylum is louder than usual
the mind seeks its company through
thin air, the moon pulls him
to her shroud to keep him company
because man is lovable by his
very nature, like the moon
that wanes and waxes through
every possibility and impossibility
in the quest for friends and company

let me tell you no man is an island
all alone like the moon, he spills
verses to the world, and the world
talks back to him in between the
word of each line, uttered or unuttered
he is an all rounder when it comes
to keeping company - he speaks
to the world, speaks for the world
and in between sits between the worlds
cheering it up like the moon that
appears every night luminous with
a new appearance rounder or slimmer
a sickle in the heaven to help everybody
clears the overgrown bushes and weeds in his thoughts

no man is an island and he flies
over the heaven seeking company
a moon glancing between the clouds
for a heart to share her thoughts
a banter and tonight the moon is round
and she is looking for company

the tide throws a path to her
throws itself with all intent to
be her friend, grieving and sighing
again and again at its own crushing futility

our thoughts beats a path to her,
even though not a word she has spoken
in all the ages, there in all the pages are her words

for the sake of company because
no man is an island
and between all the words
the real hearts of the moon

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