No Man Is An Island

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.

by John Donne Click to read full poem

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What if this statement is reversed? Perhaps one man can be an island, completely dependent on only himself. Isolation can drive a man mad or give him enlightenment, like those who do sabbaticals.
In my daughter's English class her teacher added this poem on a test about Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, why do you think she would do this?
The Bell tolls for thee - John McCain. You will live on, as a part of the maine. You would have made a great president of the U.S.A. Sympathy to your family. John Donne's poem- Awesome! 8-26-18
That comment about it originally being prose was enlightening. Thank you for that.
Good pome
He was saying England is better as part of Europe and Europe is better with England. For whom the Bells Toll... they toll for me.
When someone in the town died, the church bells would ring, or toll. If you didn't know who it was that had died, you might send your servant out to find out. So, to send to know for whom the bell tolls means to send someone to find out who has died. Donne is saying that anyone's death is equivalent to your own death, as we are all part of mankind.
Very nice
3.what does he mean by bell tolls
1.does man mean as if everyone will follow his steps he trying to say we are all connected 3.
WHY do people keep quoting it as a poem when it isn't, and never was?
I think this is especially poignant in regards to the tragedy unfolding in Syria at this time
This poem makes me moist inside