No Man Is An Island

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.

by John Donne Click to read full poem

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That roast action though
This is the best poem ever because every time i practice i fell better because i did not use to it.
We have the hope resurrection when Christ return
My name is jeff
Encouraging.i love the first line
Or, as every fan of the Yes Minister series can't help hearing now: ...It tolls for THEE, Bernard! Not that this episode detracted from the sense of the thing. Looking it up because I wanted to remember it to friends involved in elder care and get it right. But not just now, maybe. Not sure they're in the mood.
Love the Movie For Whom the bells toll.
Oh dear, oh dear. This website, which should be a reliable reference, lineates this famous passage as if John Donne were writing free verse several centuries ahead of his time. This is more than misleading. It's flat-out wrong. The passage is from one of his sermons, not his poetry. It isn't a poem at all.
The Almighty God stipulated two commandments as great. In fact he stated all the Law and the Prophets hang upon them. John Donne caught the simplest of concepts..
Always relative but I hope to be on this mortal coil for at least another 30 years! I want this read out at my funeral and for everyone to cry! Patricia Lingley
A very famous poem for all the right reasons👏👏👏
The poem never loses its relevance, more so now than ever.If we don`t care about just a clod, the entire world is at risk of being wiped out physically.
Any man's death diminishes me, Because I am involved in mankind, And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. Loved it.
We Americans worship biological life. How superficial. We are so terrified of facing death because we worship bio-life as the Hollywood media tell us to How superficial. We accumulate money and paid-off houses as though that is who we are. We are terrified of death- who is really a great friend.
I am Involved in man kind......How wonderful the feelings about humanity in these words. Great poem.
Any man's death diminishes him. we are capable of learning unlike animals.Crows crow at the carcass of their friend. Perhaps it diminishes them. They crow in a chorus.That lead us to live life ideally in a collective fashion, old clan an exalted manner. as different from the present day individualistic manner.Brilliant poem
Most of us go about our lives not realing how mch influence we have on the people surrounding us. The influence is for good or for ill. The poet John Dunne writes in the hope of influencing us that we may open our eyes to this truth. Therefore, in this light, be inspired by his words, roll up your shirtsleeves, and encourage someone, So easy to become appethetic. Get involved for the good. Someone is waiting to be cared about. Listen to them.
Tears come to my eyes: any mans death diminishes me..; why today so very few people are involved in Mankinde? !
Poets are morons. We fight wars to kill people. Look where we are today with all these extra people laying around, mostly morons. Where will we be if we don't kill that North Korean runt before he gets off one of his ICBMs? You think his death would diminish you?
No man is an island True talk. We need one another to cohabit and coexist. Life is all about lean on me. Nice poem from an icon - John Donne.