No Mans Land

Caught between gunfire in a field painted red
Bullets and shells falling upon you like rain
There is no escape from it, trapped
Explosions and shrill cries
Even the silence becomes mind shattering
In no mans land

Rotting corpses all around
Amputated limbs hanging from the trees
Sickening moans from the barely living
There is no relief from the suffering
Not when you’re trapped
In no mans land

The sickening smell of death
The fear of the unknown, the beyond
There are no longer any enemies, all are equal
Grenades, shells, bullets
They cross through the air
In no mans land

You pray for an end to the war
You pray for a quick painless death
You pray to be back home
Because anything has to be better
Then being put at rest
In no mans land

by Kristy Laking

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Wow, Kristy, this is a great subject, or your imagery and bluntness is really evocative. Keep up the good work, Padraic