Soliloquy Of A Chiboker

Awake again in this familiar darkness
Something similar to hell's sinisterness
Like a blanket of disgrace it covers my face
A dilemma embraced for hundreds of days
Listen now to the music
Of footsteps like bass drums
Not a dance can confuse it
Now I have to run
I see no one in particular
But tingly hands clutching my jugular
Robbing my soul of its piety
Preying on my sanity
Man O man where is thy soul
Life O life what have I sown
To reap innocence loss
Victim of this imminent lust
What I love the most
I am forced to let go
To the beast that pride on freedom
No leash now seem withhold
Enemies of our beloved kingdom
where men are black and bold
Chained! O de facto so
To a place with no name
Pain! No faith no
Nothing will remain the same
Where vultures feast
And there is no word like peace
Where men are savages
And there is no one to salvage us
Their thirst is not for blood alone
But the very essence of our blameless souls
What their horrid hearts constitute
Are the nagging nightmares of a prostitute
Nay! Hope is spent
Where fear has built her tent
Pray! Time should less be squandered
Before I remember home no longer

by James Mallum

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