No Matter How Long It Takes!

There is something about the 'not' caring,
That makes the more of it done.
When I hear someone say,
They could care less...
I know they care too much!
Usually that statement is made
By someone who wants to declare
A caring that had been there...
Is gone!
How wrong!

I remember in my 'last' relationship...
Which seems many years ago!
It was many years ago,
But that is not my point I wish to make!
I was told, 'I don't care about you.
Where you go or what you do! '

Of course,
I knew then that this was some kind of ploy.
To get me seduced to a manipulation of sorts!
That person left!
Believing I didn't think they really care.
I know they do!

And I have been waiting for an apology!
I am patient like that.
No matter how long it takes!
So if it has been thirty years?
I can be just as stubborn!
They will eventually realize the 'error' of their ways.
And I?
I do pride myself on having incredible patience.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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