No Matter How Politely I Am Asked

I have always been on the top of my game.
With an aim to do it at my very best.
Too many weeds I've cleared with no one near.
Adventurous I am.
I do not need companionship to be a pioneer.
The only faith I keep is in God I wish to please.

That more have come to notice me in the field,
With a developing interest I have known and kept real...
That others have come to express with that addressed,
Will not stop me to drop my activities.
Since I did not adapt to adopt to someone else's doing,
Because they desire to believe I solicit from them attention.

I was in the field to pave my own path,
Long before they decided to play and plant grass.
To then permit them to perceive my depth is shallow.
And I should assist them to mow it.
Not me.
And threatening me to censor and/or to ban?
As if my feet are cemented to stay and be offended,
Is not in my mind what 'I' understand.And

I'm in the field,
To continue to be on top of 'my' game.
And afraid I am not to clear another path to make.
Nor am I not to be mowing anyone's grass.
No matter how politely I am asked.
Or will I repeatedly explain from where I came,
To enable them to spot another field...
I may choose with a doing to play in.
Too many lessons I've learned to patiently teach,
Those who only come to offer insults and their curiosity.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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