No Matter What The Temperature

Whatever time you wish it to be...
It never seems the right time for that time!
Since 'that' time wished and wanted,
Has long been gone.
Without a moment of it,
Hesitating long.

Whatever dream you missed,
Reminisced hoping it makes a reappearance...
On a dream list picked.
From a memory lifted.
Forget it!
You will never be pleased,
Having both doubts AND memories.

The time now that is lived,
Has to be lived in the moment it is given.
Sitting in a rut to give up hope,
In smothered despair...
Delivers just that.
Prepared frustrations.

Living in torment transmitted,
That sucks breath from life...
Is death.
No matter what the temperature of it is!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Lawrence, you have an uncanny knack for smacking me upside the face when I need it most. A stern and straight forward wake up call for those of us stuck in a rut. Thank you as always for your motivational words. :)
memories are good but yes the other junk is excess baggage