No Matter What You Think Of Me

No matter what you think of me,
Will not change the course of my destiny.
Nor will the anguish of accomplishing my tasks...
On this path.
Where obstacles remain.
Where they for me,
Seem to last.
To sustain each day I grasp and pass.

Perhaps if I sought your approval,
I could gain some rest from that rejection.
Your lack of acceptance,
Would enhance my own dejection.

But no matter what you think of me,
Will not change my destiny.
I've toiled on this journey too long.
And what you perceive for me to be wrong...
Will not affect my insight.
I have struggled to maintain it.
With a faith that has kept me strong!
Days long and sleepless nights.

And no matter what you think of me...
There have been others who have thought far worse.
God had placed them on my path,
To rehearse any emotions felt.
To conquer and to rid.
Knowing too well how now they must be dealt!
Within me.
And without the thought of seeking outside approval.
From either open or closed eyelids.
Mine, yours or others.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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