No Matter What

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You're always in my heart,
Always on my mind,
Regardless how black the dark,
You, I will always find.

No one could keep me from you,
Even if their big or strong,
I will fight for my love is true,
Who dares to prove me wrong.

If you should ever leave me,
My love will never change.
Although I’ll spend my life grieving,
Who can say that I’m strange?

Our time together isn’t measured by the minute,
Day’s not marked by the sun nor moon.
Life with you is infinite,
But without you my heart is vacant like a empty room.

(Inspiration: Ciara)

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Add a good go on. that may dream
K.P>>>Commendable work here....Smooth, mellifluous structure....Well expressed Romantic storyline...Job well done, here. FjR

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