No Matter Who Or What Has To Be Sacrificed

Even though our actions have been absolutely wrong...
We stubbornly stand by them.
And will make them cost effective.
No matter who or what has to be sacrificed,
We must always show and express victory.
With an arrogance that leaves all mentally poisoned,
And grateful for the freedom given...
To crawl on hands and knees,
Weeping for the rest of their lives!

I know you have become frustrated,
With your popularity dwindling at the polls.
Are you 'sure' this is the speech...
That will turn public opinion around? '

Maybe you are right!
I did give everyone the opportunity,
To get accustomed to me being their leader.
You're right...
It is a bit weak.
And I am going into my second year.

Change that last line in the speech to read,
'Weeping for the rest of their entire lives.'
I want to show them at least I have 'some' compassion,
I am not 'that' determined to have things my way!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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wow...this is nice poem with poetic dialogues enfold....thx