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No Message At All - Or, An Alliterative Tale

Rat a tat tat - the king he did sat
zing a sing ring - the servant he did bring
zoom a loom goon - a message from someone
saying look at all the king's
little superficial things

Lower sank lower- the king he did order
gloom room soon - a head to be taken
much did such - branding a rebel
and anything else he could think of
at the time

Long gong song - big clock ticking
suppress best said - so loud, no one thinking
hunt no one - a bounty ensued
for an insurgent with guilt written
all over his face

Ran no land - a king and his mind
wine unwind - saying a trick so fine
change the range - expanding the search
to include anyone looking
the suspicious kind

No low go - and head did roll
so and so and so - but a price did toll
little by little - the king's empire
grew smaller and smaller
by the day

Again and again - but the messages kept coming
whim to him - each one saying something
out right now - like we don't want you
running our lives anymore

Everywhere affair - and a him and a her
rid kid did - sent the king up the river
tick tock gone! - and the big clock in the town square
came down with a crash
and a thud

Fall wall fall - they all looked at all
where naysayer - for the one around
free you and me - who started the revolution
that ended the oppression
with a single digression

Fate did relate - they searched for days
plot gets hot - and came to a place
guess the rest - where a boy sat writing
simple rhyme for complex times

Rat a tat tat
zing a sing ring
zoom a loom goon
and the king goes BOOM! ! ! ! ! !

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