No Misconceptions

And with you,
Is fresh and relieving.
Since with our steps taken,
There are no misconceptions.

No roles do we play,
To display a chasing of rules.
With one preferring to lead.
And the other choosing next,
Something similar and competitive to do.

I remember first meeting you,
With wishes to leave behind...
Misleading impressions to introduce.
I know I can be intimidating!
And I suspected you could be too!

Then one step towards each other led to another.
And immediately I felt propelled,
With a complimenting caring that would fit so well.
And when that moment came when we touched and held,
Well...we both became aware of this and could not resist.

And with you,
Is as fresh and relieving as morning dew.
Since with our initial steps taken,
There has been no misconceptions.
Or doubts disconnecting to become misunderstood.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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