No More

When I walk away
I see a tear running down your face
I walk a little faster
Because your love comes on like shame

My heart used to be full
But now that fullness is gone
You used to be my armor
You used to be in my thoughts

But now I've finally realized
That everything has changed
You've been holding back my dreams
Now it's time to open my gate

My dreams will be fulfilled
There is no way you could stop it
Remember that necklace you gave me
Well I'm giving back your locket

You're no longer here
I am no longer controlled
I can go anywhere I want now
Like an envelope you could just lick and fold

Now I'm going to walk away
Now I no longer care
You used to be able to control me
But I'm tired of being scared

by Free Faller

Comments (2)

Very powerful and heartfelt. Excellent Poem. I just have to tell you one small correction were at the in of your first verse where you have written because you love comes on like shame. It should your instead of you.
This poem has a lot of intense emotion in it. As someone 13 you should just keep writing.