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No More
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

No More

No more can I lie to the one who loves me the most
I feel guilty more and more when you hold me close
When I look in your eyes I see an innocence that can do no wrong
I wonder If I tell you will that feeling be gone
We all make mistakes yet I do them over and yet again
If I tell you will this relationship end?
The more lies I tell deeper I feel that I I'm being pull in a hole
Me cheating on you I feel weak down to my soul
Please don't be mad at me when this secret hit the fan
I would be the best girlfriend that I can
Try to think positive and don't hold your feelings in
Deep down inside I hope we work it out in the end
No more will I lie
No more will I let this feeling ride
No more will I cheat
This is a promise that I dare keep

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this is one thing that i do not truly understand of women, why cheat on the man you love. i know things happen but things can also be averted. its a good thing you lament and realize your in the wrong. just tell him, if he finds out thru sumbody else it will be way worse.