No More Chances For Love

Rooted from the beginning sin flows through the vines
Spreads like wild fires eating away all that’s pure
Bloody roses and the wet paint drips off the stems
Melted dreams up against the tension of the world
Heated heart beats bouncing up against my soul
Foul stench of your blames covers me
Picking all the flowers in the garden, Eden grows
Picking the scabs but, the hurt won’t heal its part of your soul
Tears fall, blood draining from my heart
Meant for so much more, meant to own each other
Ripping us apart, everything we hide
Every secret we hold, midnight chit chat
And our fantasies unfold
I know no other way to make you understand
When I fall fast, it only gets faster
When I fall hard, it only hurt me more
When I fall and your arms don’t catch me
I lose hope of ever falling at all
I giggle and sigh, I laugh and whine
You hold onto my every breath as if it were my last
I listen to your voice and hear the smiles they help me relax
But, when night frays into day;
And we part with goodnight moans
The moment I wake fresh new hours
The moment when I fake my love
I surely will shower in shame
But, I’m scared, scared to close my eyes
Dreams turn to nightmares where I’m from
And love like this wasn’t meant for ones as young as I
And the petals of my hopes, they fall like tears
The vines collide and bursts open all blackness
Slimy sin meant to form in years
Slipping through my hands like my fate
Washing over me like every moment I’ve failed at
And I lose you
And I’m left alone
Hearts bouncing to a slower beat,
Cold fingers pressing up against my bones
I’ll be fine
Just no more chances will be given for love
No more chances at all.

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