I Never Wanted To Die (Tombstone Blues)

You probably think I'm a flirt,
That I'm only after a bit of your skirt -
You're wrong about that - let me explain,
There was never much pleasure in my love affairs,
No, indeed, there was plenty of pain,
I'm only attracted to girls who hurt,
And they hurt me again and again!
So if you look in my eyes
You'll see an expression of deep surprise
That you haven't punished me yet,
I haven't walked home alone and upset,
I haven't even broken down and wept
In front of you because
You are too kind,
Too sensitive,
And perhaps a little bit blind!
How strange that I should find
Someone so sympathetic,
Perhaps you'll visit my grave
And put flowers there
And mourn for me and shake your head,
Not quite convinced that I am dead,
Perhaps you'll shed a tear
And wonder why
You cannot really cry,
It's because I've used up all the tears already,
I never wanted to die.

by John Thorkild Ellison

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good work
Excellent I vote 10! ! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A phenomenal poem for all women
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This is a great poem....... that is if you are a complete vegetable.
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