How Comes The Poem

as always
the bizarre
baffling from life into death
the constant verse of being
its volumes of illusions
entering and vacating
the invariable phases
of light and dark
the chapters of which
when uttered on to paper
bound into time
by those caught
in the gift of words
a gathering of oddities
out of step with
the marching
necessities of order
from whence delivered
beyond rule
the poet
born of imaginings
into phrases of figment
existing but on a simple pulse
of passion
and the inevitable perception
of the now
madness and the dream
such is the trance
the peculiarities
of a noble unease
in the angst of abstract
the fleeting grasps
of flair
transcribed in
outrageous translations
for the soul to capture
in the elusive chambers
of the queuing quiet
poised for rescue
and released into the obscure
phenomena of the mind
by the dream's design
the transient quirks of emotion
hover over the solitudes
of their seduction
the creators
in caffeine
liquor and smoke
yet as pure
as patient
as truth
in the healing of the word
we wait to welcome
the beautiful chaos
of the poem.

by Tony Grannell

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good work
Excellent I vote 10! ! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A phenomenal poem for all women
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This is a great poem....... that is if you are a complete vegetable.
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